Since its creation in March 2014 TSP’s International Training Center has become the largest stand-alone training Center of its type in the North Africa East.


The Center has trained almost a 1000 students in both Technical and Safety Courses. The Center offers a wide range of trainings in the Oil and Gas Sectors.


TSP ITC is equipped with couple of simulators :

  • DrillSim 50:
    A Flexible Solution to Well Control Training the DRILLSIM 50 is a fully portable and technically advanced drilling and well control simulator. Designed for operators, drilling contractors and training companies,low-cost entry to well control training.
  • DrillSim 600:
    The DrilISIM-600 (single chair) solutions are the widely accepted industry tools that enable Drilling Contractors and Operators to fully train and verify the skills needed by a modern day driller.
    The 6x series units can model any number of cyber rigs (on the same simulator) by using an interchangeable plug and play pannier system. The simulators enhance safety performance and assist with reducing the all-important non-productive time (NPT).

ITC’s Accredited Trainings:

  • IWCF Level 2
  • IWCF Level 3&4
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Confined Space + BA donning exercise
  • Lifting Vs Rigging & Slinging
  • Rigger & Bankman Qualifications & Characteristics
  • Defensive Driving & Hostage avoidance
  • IADC RigPass

STU — Incinerator— Compactor Servicing & maintenance:

  • Accreditation Vs Well Intervention ongoing
  • Accreditation Vs Nebosh (IGC 1 & 2 ) ongoing
  • Accreditation Vs OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization)