When it comes to managing the logistics of oil and gas, safety and efficiency are the greatest concerns. At TSP, we have extensive experience of providing specialized logistic services for this industry. We offer comprehensive management concepts and flexible solutions for all kinds of support needed.

Our expert teams offer specialized logistics and support for your oil and gas projects. As a global industry leader in logistics, we bring you the know-how and experience to ensure your project is a success, no matter the challenges it presents.

  • Feasibility studies on offshore and onshore prospect areas
  • Construction and management of logistic base
  • Waste disposal management
  • Drilling stock inventory
  • Fully certified management and operation of handling equipment
  • Airport and port services
  • Chartering barges and supply vessels
  • Local training and certification
  • Qualified logistics personnel to work on your projects
  • Welcome, ticketing, and transport services for oilfield personnel
  • Camp construction and catering provider
  • Procurement and quality control of equipment