The Container Camp has been designed to meet the tough conditions experienced in the oilfield operation and exploration. This heavy duty unit has steel skid which provide flexibility and easy relocation from one zone to another. It is highly suitable for desert zones.


Steel Roughneck rig camps are best supplied turnkey, complete with power generation , water, furniture and other equipment. Total camp solutions include offices, staff accommodations, recreation halls, laundry rooms, kitchen and dining areas, ablution units and clinics.


As a client, you don’t have to know the exact type of unit you need or pick a pre-built unit off the shelf. We have the expertise to listen to your needs, customize a solution that works for you, and build it perfectly to your specifications Camp


Series The Steel Roughneck has been designed for drilling, seismic and pipeline camp requirements. The Steel Roughneck gives your best solution in housing: Drilling Control Centers and Mechanical Control Centers, Executive Sleeper Units, Staff Quarters, Rig Manager Units, Integrated Well site Systems, Drill Camps HOUSING